More Information on how we are adhering to government guidelines


Attendance and Social Distancing

Staff, visitors and students should only attend if they are symptom free.

Government guidance does not require education or childcare staff to maintain a 2 m distance from students, however, social distancing and reduced transmission risk measures have been put in place, such as:

  • The centre has three separate teaching rooms and each room is accessed through a different entrance.  Students will be asked to use the specific door for their teaching room to enter and exit the centre.

  • The number of students allowed in each teaching room will be limited to a maximum of 4.

  • Posters and signage are on display throughout the centre.

  • Students will remain in their designated teaching room for each session.

  • Wherever possible, attendance to the centre will be restricted to students and staff. Parents will be asked to wait outside for drop off and collection, and our reception area will remain closed for the moment.

  • Only one parent should accompany a child/ren.

  • When dropping off/collecting a child, physical distancing should be respected and maintained using outside space where suitable.  Parents should wait for their children outside the centre, at the specified door.

  • We kindly request parents speak to their children about following these guidelines.

During Sessions

Tutors will meet and greet students at their specified entrance and take them to their teaching area.

Each student will have a specific learning area and will remain at this area throughout their session.

Students will not be allowed to move around centre.

Students will not have access to use the toilet during their session unless absolutely necessary.  We request that parents ensure their child(ren) has been to the toilet just before coming to the session.

Students will wait in their teaching room to be collected by their parent/guardian and leave through their designated door.

Students are requested to bring in their own pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and calculator (Maths sessions only) and for this to be taken home at the end of each session.

Hygiene and Health & Safety

A rigorous review of H&S facilities and resources has been undertaken and updated procedures communicated to staff.

• Disposable tissues, hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray and cloth and bin will be available in every teaching space.

• Hand sanitiser is available throughout around the centre. All students and staff must wash their hands or use hand sanitiser upon arrival at the centre, before and after using any shared equipment and after sneezing or coughing.

• We request students refrain from bring in any personal items apart from a water bottle, and pencil case unless absolutely essential for their wellbeing. The kitchen facilities will be out of use.

• Staff will be required to clean their teaching rooms at the end of each teaching session.

• If a student does need to use the toilet, they must wash their hands thoroughly and will be asked to use hand sanitiser before returning to their session.

If a student does need to move through other classrooms (bubbles), e.g to use the toilet, they must wear a mask. Please make sure your child has one in their bag.

• Face masks/ visiors may be worn by staff during teaching and when administering first aid or treating a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case.

  • From 19th April 2021 all Secondary aged students (Years 7-11) will be required to wear a face covering, unless they have a medical condition that prevents this.

Responding to a suspected case

In the event of a child developing suspected coronavirus symptoms such as new, continuous cough or a high temperature whilst at the centre, staff will arrange for them to be collected asap, and be advised to isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance. Whilst waiting to be collected they will be isolated from the other students with a staff member wearing PPE and an open window where possible for ventilation. If not possible to isolate them, they will be moved to an area at least 2 metres away from others. Staff will then follow COVID-19 guidelines: cleaning of non-healthcare settings guidance.

If you have any further concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Learning Potential Tuition – Amy Gallagher

01403 586028